Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Phuket Puremail employs rigorous measures to ensure the privacy and security of their customer’s information and data. Through a combination of technology and policy measures, Phuket Puremail maintains the highest level of security to protect the confidentiality and integrity of customer information.

Phuket Puremail’s security measures include:

Physical Security – Phuket Puremail maintains rigid security at remote data centers where customer data and information are housed. Physical premises are guarded and under video surveillance 24/7.

Application Security – All application and server interfaces are password protected over SSL encrypted tunnels. Phuket Puremail’s SMTP servers utilize a secure, stable, and highly scalable SMTP server. DNS security is maintained by the latest version of BIND, with new releases tested and installed as they become available.

Data Security – All data traversing the Phuket Puremail network and access to that data is restricted by strictly enforced policies. Detailed logs are maintained of all data that passes through the network, including logins and access to that data. Email data is never stored. Email that is queued for disaster recovery purposes is spooled temporarily and never stored permanently.

Personnel Security – Phuket Puremail maintains strict policies for staff that are allowed access to customer data and information. All staff logins are recorded for audit purposes. All new employees must successfully complete background checks.

Privacy and Security Policy – Phuket Puremail publishes and enforces a stringent privacy and security policy that outlines Phuket Puremail’s commitment to protecting the confidentiality and safety of our customers’ data. The measures outlined in the policy are designed to protect against threats and hazards, including unauthorized access to customer data.