Setup & Installation

Phuket Puremail Setup

How Phuket Puremail works

Your Existing Setup :

Mail from yahoo: —– MX —–>

Which means that a mail coming from outside (lets say will come directly to your MX servers.

After Implementation of Puremail :

Mail from yahoo: —– MX —–>Phuket Mail Servers —–>
(spam & virus check) —–> RELAY TO—–>

Which means that the mail coming from yahoo will first come to Phuket Mail Servers, will be scanned for virus and spams and then relayed to your original MX servers. For this, the only change we need to implement is the shift in MX pointers. Your original MX servers will keep on functioning in the same way.

The management, reporting and statistics for your Phuket Puremail account will be available through your own personal Dashboard at:
username :
password : <provided by Phuket Mail>

Reporting and statistics will start the day after activation of the MX pointers is complete.

Actions on Spam Messages

In the initial setup of Phuket Puremail we will configure the system for so that any SPAM messages will be detected and tagged as {SPAM ?} and then delivered to your end user. This is just our initial settings, and you can change the default action in your account control panel (Dashboard) to Quarantine or forward SPAM mails.

In case a mail is mis-tagged as spam but is actually a valid mail then just forward the mail as an attachment to Our system will learn from your feedback or alternatively you can add the sender’s email id or domain in your whitelist available under the preferences section on the reporting tool. With this, the mails from the particular email id/domain will never be marked as spam.

Incase a mail is a spam and is not tagged as spam then just forward the mail as an attachment to or alternatively just add the email id or domain in the blacklist available under the preferences section on the reporting tool. With this, all the mails from that particular email id or domain will always be considered as spam.

The available actions on spam mails are as follows:

  • Deliver (The mails are tagged as {SPAM ?} and delivered to the enduser.

  • Forward (Messages considered as spam are forwarded to some other email
    account and end user does not receive the mail).

  • Deliver and Forward (The messages are forwarded to the other email account as well as delivered to the end user).

  • Quarantined (The spam messages are quarantined to our servers and available through the dashboard where they can be reviewed or retrieved.).

MX Records to implement Phuket Puremail Services

To implement Phuket Puremail Services the MX records for your domain have to be pointed as follows:

MX Record @ IN MX 0
MX Record @ IN MX 50
MX Record spamtrap IN MX 10

You must also allow allow our ip range in your servers.

We have Multiple Servers to ensure High Availability and proper transition of mails. In case of further queries please feel free to send a mail to Customer support