Guarantees & SLA’s

Phuket Puremail Guarantees & SLA’s

Service Level Guarantees

Because email is a mission critical application, businesses want assurances their email will be delivered, consistently and securely.

Phuket Puremail’s four-part service guarantee establishes our commitment to providing the most reliable, secure, and efficient messaging system for our customers.

Guaranteed Uptime – Phuket Puremail guarantees 99.999 percent network uptime. Because our network provides high availability, businesses can be assured their email will always be processed and filtered according to their specifications.

Guaranteed Email Delivery – In the event that a company’s email servers are unavailable, Phuket Puremail’s Disaster Recovery service queues inbound email for up to five days and delivers it upon server availability. Queued email is delivered in a flow-controlled fashion to avoid overwhelming a business’ network and email servers.

Guaranteed Virus Protection – Phuket Puremail guarantees to block all known virus formats and scan a company’s email with three virus engines; virus definitions are guaranteed to be updated every 10 minutes, 24/7. Phuket Puremail partners with 3 leading anti-virus technology companies, to provide the most comprehensive virus protection in the industry, giving you the most advanced and rapidly reacting service possible.

Guaranteed Spam Filtering – Phuket Puremail will not block legitimate business-to-business email. Phuket Puremail spam filtering effectiveness of 92-95 % or higher, via Phuket Puremail’s advanced spam filtering technology. Phuket Puremail’s advanced spam filtering system ensures the highest level of spam filtering without blocking legitimate email.