Personal Spam Manager

Phuket Puremail Personal Spam Manager

Allow users to manage their own spam

Users hate waiting for administrators to release urgent emails from quarantine. And administrators hate spending their time processing emails when they could be adding value to the organization. But the sheer volume of spam could make administration a full time job for a whole department.

Personal Spam Manager speeds up the delivery of legitimate messages while dramatically reducing this administrative burden.

How it works

Phuket Puremail - Personal Spam Manager Personal Spam Manager allows users to manage their own spam within their own individual quarantine areas. If your policy classifies an email as spam, the user is sent an email inviting them to check their web-based quarantine area. From their Personal Spam Manager, they can evaluate the message and delete or release it.

System Administrators are freed from the drudgery of spam processing while given the ability to audit message trails and all user-driven deletes and releases.

The result: no more false positives, greatly reduced administration time and happier users.

Key Features

* Lets users release their own mail, freeing up administrators
* Web-based application needs no client software or training
* Administrators can easily review audit trails and transactions
* Zero false positives and faster release of legitimate messages


Sample email sent to end user inviting them to log in to their personal quarantine area.