Phuket Puremail Dashboard

Dashboard is a web-based management tool and your portal to a complete range of configuration tools, service statistics and reports, enabling you to see how the Phuket Puremail managed services are performing.

From Dashboard you can access:

  • Information on email activity and potential threats.
  • Management tools to configure specific sensitivity and mail receiving options.
  • Data on viruses, spam and other inappropriate images intercepted by day, week, month and year.
  • Statistics showing email volumes and patterns by day, week, month and year including average email statistics.
  • Activity can be analyzed by individual user and domain.


Phuket Puremail corporate clients:

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DashBoard Screenshots : Click on image to view full size

Phuket Puremail -Usage statistics Phuket Puremail - Quarantine area Phuket Puremail - Spam digest

Usage statistics

Quarantine area

Spam digest