Phuket Mail stops email-instigated attacks on your information and hardware, with cost-effective, multi-layered protection. Quarantine notifications provide end-users with what they need. No costly hardware or software upgrades, and reduced labor costs.
Phuket Mail keeps you safe from attacks and downtime. We provide the highest uptime, highest spam-capture rate, and lowest false-positive rate. Fully redundant networks and disaster protection guarantee timely delivery and up to 90 days of continuous online storage. Hacker-protected against DDoS and other attacks.

No hardware or software costs
Continually managed and updated email-network security stops cybercrime and threats like downtime, ensuring cost-predictability and reliability.

Threat analysis
Your most vulnerable and trainable users are identified for you with real-time reporting and data-rich mail logs. Troubleshoot delivery or contact our 24/7 support.

Migration & management
Import users, white/blacklists and other preferences using Microsoft or Google integrations, or LDAP, AD, our API, other tools, in a robust but intuitive control panel.

Full redundancy
No single point of failure. Wholly owned solution includes geo-distributed datacenters with redundant network feeds, power sources and cooling, for 99.999% uptime.

Phuket Mail prevents forgeries and email spoofing by identifying malicious messages with email authentication tools through assisted and managed DNS changes.